Mr Green GOLD Franchises

Mr Green GOLD is a lawn mowing franchise specifically designed for the retired or almost retired person.

Most 65 year olds are still very physically fit and have plenty of good years ahead of them. Within the Mr Green franchise group we have many 70 year old plus still working and enjoying themselves. In fact we just had a 76 year old franchisee sell his franchise after being with us for 10 plus years.

A couple of problems a retired person may have is the amount of money they have may not be adequate to keep them in a lifestyle that they want. But also some people find that they have far too much spare time on their hands and they really want something to do.


Mr Green GOLD Franchise helps with these two things

We say that owning a GOLD franchise with Mr Green is designed to double your pension. Given that a single person living alone will get about $450 a week and a person in a relationship will get about $330. On top of that they maybe able to get the accommodation allowance of $105 a week.


Here's the maths of the Mr Green GOLD Franchise

If you mow 3 lawns in the morning and 3 in the afternoon 5 days a week you will have mown 30 lawns in the week. The average price of a lawn cut around $35 to $40 so your weekly gross income is $1050 -$1200. Less all costs including personal tax you should have around $500 in your hand, which is more than your pension. So you have doubled your pension income.

You can mow or less lawns that is up to you but this is just an illustration.


How does the Mr Green GOLD Franchise work?

You supply a suitable vehicle like a van or car and trailer and you also supply a lawn mower, weed eater and blower, safety gear like ear muffs, eye protection and safety shoes or boots, uniform and stationary the cost of this excluding the vehicle and trailer should be no more than $3000.

You will need to have the right insurances through the Mr Green plan but we have made changes here to reduce your insurance costs and the insurances can be paid by monthly installments. You must also belong to our Health and Safety plan which is $250 for the first year and $150 a year after that. The vehicle or trailer you use must have permanent sign writing on it but we sort all that out.

Then you will spend a couple days out with an established franchisee learning how to mow correctly. Then we will start giving you out leads which are inquiries from people that are wanting their lawns mowed usually every 2 weeks or so. You will quote these lawns yourself and this is how you make up your own client base. Depending on the time of year and area, but you could expect 10 to 15 leads a week to be given to you. On top of this you can do your own marketing too but generally we find that new franchisees will build up a client base from our leads very quickly mainly due to the excellent name that Mr Green has in the neighbourhood. We build you up slowly with clients so you are not flooded with work from day one.

At the end of each day you will send us a text or an email with a list of the lawns that have mown for the day. At the end of the week you do an add up of all the income you have made and you pay Mr Green a 10% plus gst fee based on your total income as that is how we make our money and pay for expenses like advertising.

When you want to leave Mr Green you can leave just by giving us 4 months notice, the clients stay with us, or can sell the franchise on the open market. Franchises that have a weekly income of $1000 a week sell for around $20,000.

To qualify for a Mr Green GOLD Franchise you must be at least 63 years old, have a clean police record, be able to mow lawns, and can supply what is needed to start. You will be responsible for paying your own tax, most franchisees use an accountant. We can help you with systems, equipment choices, discount fuel cards, etc etc as we have been doing this for 30 years now and have over 200 franchisees.


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